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"your products are all they are made out to be."

"Bra gives such youthful uplift. I look like a teenager (from the neck down)."

"Thank you for making life livable again with latex-free underwear."

"been wearing my underwear inside out for a couple of years. With the Flamingos this has not been necessary."

"My upper legs seem to be healing, with your latex-free underwear."

"I was astonished to find the dark patches on my inner thighs have all of a sudden DISAPPEARED! "

"I can stand to be in my own skin now. So grateful. Bless your work."

". . .undies are everything you claimed them to be no itch whatsoever. Again, many thanks."

"Love them! No longer break out in hives on my buttocks when I wear these!!!"

"Latex-free undies have completely solved my skin troubles. I am very thankful."


"I've never had a more attentive, personalized, online, shopping experience in my life. You are one in a million for sure!! Thanks!"

"Allergy-free undies are heaven on earth. EVERYONE should have them, allergy or no allergy. They are so soft and comfy!!"

"Brown spots on my back are finally fading after YEARS of scratching & irritation. What a blessing you are."

"Amazing fit. Beautiful, soft fabric. AND NO ITCH!!!"

"wearing latex-free undies, 'NO ITCHING' is absolutely true advertizing. Thanks"

"Thank you again for such fine quality, genuinely healthy products that are also exquisite & flattering!"

"For me your product is an everyday MUST."

"How pristine they are. Absolutely no chemical smell or residues whatsoever! You really stay true to your word!"

"Yours is the ONLY HONEST 100% pure cotton. I do NOT itch. (Price is also very reasonable.)"

"I am wearing them right now & they FEEL SOOOOOOOO GOOD!"

"I am tickled pink! I open my drawer every day, and say thank you, Barbara! Had to let you know. Thank you, again and again."

"Black bra is sooo soft! I couldn't believe how comfortable it is without the stretch."

"tried my old underwear and I broke out almost immediately. I'm so glad you're making allergy-free underwear."

"Received her organic bra. She was afraid to put it on. Now she wears it and laughs!"

"I got my new bra today and it is a perfect fit! I absolutely love it! Barbara, you are amazing. Thank you so very much! You are a miracle!"

"For me, this organic bra is an emergency. A luxurious necessity."

"I swear it's the best fitting bra I've ever worn! You definitely custom made it for me!"

"Can't tell you what a difference allergy-free underwear has made in my life."

"I can't even feel them on. I love them. Thanks for 100% cotton. Great product."

"Allergy-free underwear is making a huge difference. I'm healing and way more comfortable."

"can't imagine going back to any other underwear. Latex-free underwear has solved my break-out problems."

"Hey Barbara! Just got mine in the mail yesterday and I love them so far! Thank you SO much for being so helpful and kind."

"SOOO comfortable & perfect fitting. Definitely the best underwear in the world."

"Love your amazing products. And love your no-return policy for intimates!"

"I don't want to take them off! They are so soft and beautiful."

"Nothing compares to the nature of your products. The fit, comfort, softness, and NO, NO, NO ITCH."

"My daughter loves her new undies! Very good quality. I am glad I found your product."

"I don't see how I could get into trouble wearing one of your bras---given what I've seen so far on the beach. . . ."

"Bra actually holds me up so I look perky! (Not like the older woman I really am!)"

"I keep expecting them to itch--but they don't. My hands are finally AT REST."

"Yours is great! Bra does not itch at all. After Christmas I'll order more. It was well worth the wait."

"Hallelujah!!! Elastic-free bras fit perfectly. SOOO comfortable. Pretty enough to wear under a jacket, like a bustier!"

"How wonderful your underwear is! This is the softest, smoothest knit cotton I've ever felt."

"Love undies more than I know how to express. Didn't know a product could be so perfect. I am comfortable. Happy, happy, happy."

"Latex-free undies are my favorites. So comfy! Especially love the non-binding legs. Thanks!"

"You can feel love through Art, and these panties are a work of Art."

"You are so great to have created a bra with NO elastic, yet able to support--and feel so comfortable."

"I must say latex-free bras are the most comfortable I have EVER worn. Such a clever shape. Worth every penny. Many thanks."

"never expected silk, sexy support from an allergy-free bra."

"bought six pairs of your hip-huggers in pink and have had no allergic reaction for well over a year. Please send me your wonderful product! "

". . . happy & thankful for chemical-free underwear. I've had great results from what you produce. Thanks."

"have found newly discovered comfort. Thank you for developing organic, latex-free underwear."

"Another good thing about these fantastic undies: they do not shrink."

"Without this bra, I need a shopping cart to haul around this load."

"Thank you for plus size bras. This is no joke."

"very flattering. I am an "H" cup."

". . .100% silk taffeta bra is sweat-free, rash-free, very refined."

"Lolita is long enough to cover the stomach scars."

"allergy-free bra is so soft against my tortured skin. This is structural engineering at its best."

"I bet Pandora is the only 100% elastic-free, bathing suit top on the whole Gulf Coast!"

". . . never had material that felt so good against my skin. Best undies ever!!"

"These are the only ones I will wear."

"I dreamed your underwear was stocked at Whole Foods Market."

"I could kiss you for allergy-free underwear! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

"You are the only company that offers true latex-free."

"Thanks for offering the best latex-free underwear. The drawstring type are terrible; like wearing a loincloth!"

"Thank you for a very nice quality product. I am building my collection."

"Nobody else would give me a latex-free size 58 "H" bra. I am OUT OF PAIN."

"Sensational. Barbara was knowledgeable about allergies & what it takes to keep someone safe & happy."

"Package arrived in 3 days . . . to ALASKA!"

"Other companies charge for Priority Mail, but then send it First Class--which can take 3 weeks. Not so with LatexFreeUndies."

"Thank you Barbara, for a wonderful product, & equally wonderful service. Latex-free undies are keeping me from a life of misery! "

"Love allergy-free undies. Texture is so soft. They really are comfortable."

"softness is the same today as it was when they were new. Had to let you know what a happy customer I am. Thank you! Regards"

"Latex-free undies are beautifully made, high quality, so comfy--AND ELASTIC-FREE!"

"Now she knows where she will order all her bras AND NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE THEM."

"I am very impressed at how well the bra is made. It is very beautiful. Thank you so much."

"We made a deal. One pair of undies for each day I don't complain on this fishing trip."

"Elastic-free bra is so comfy. I love it. I am thrilled about what you have lined my bra with. Thanks again."

". . .didn't want a kayak. She wanted a dozen latex-free undies."

"Ever since I gave his mother those pink panties, she's almost human."

"Wonderful feature: panties stay up without rolling & they don't creep up."

"They bring such warm, fuzzy feelings like yummy, warm, comfort food. I want to order more. Thank you."

"Latex-free bra fits so nicely and supports very well."

"Thank you for your product so beautiful & full of love."

"Thank you so much for such quick service. I love the undies.."

"Thanks again for a great product, this is my 4th order! Please let me know if availability ever becomes an issue."

"thrilling & exciting to know someone like you is making these wonderful bras happen."

[Made in Peru]

I created latex-free undies for myself -- out of desperation; when my own latex, spandex, CHEMICAL allergies made it IMPOSSIBLE suddenly for me to wear ANY clothes.

I was trapped in my home for 8 months of my life. NOTHING could touch my skin.  NADA.    RIEN.   NIENTE.   NIHIL.   OMEGA.   NICHTS.   SHUNYA.   ZILCH.

I could not find any company manufacturing underwear 100% devoid of latex,  spandex,  TOXIC  CHEMICALS.

Upon investigation, I discovered that every manufacturer included A PERCENTAGE OF LATEX in his undies. Either wrapped inside cotton, or labeled as "lycra," "spandex," "elastane," "microfiber," etc. -- and even in their thread. And simply NEVER MENTIONED AS LATEX. But nevertheless present.

What I needed did not EXIST.

I had to invent FOR MYSELF latex-free undies: for beauty, comfort, and peace of mind. Wrap yourself in my timeless "classic" and tell me if I'm wrong.
[Barbara Sinclair]

But more important . . .


[Barbara Sinclair]

[Barbara Sinclair]

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