Latex Free Panty and
whisper-soft undies for delicate skin
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"your products are all they are made out to be."

"Bra gives such youthful uplift. I look like a teenager (from the neck down)."

"Thank you for making life livable again with latex-free underwear."

"been wearing my underwear inside out for a couple of years. With the Flamingos this has not been necessary."

"My upper legs seem to be healing, with your latex-free underwear."

"I was astonished to find the dark patches on my inner thighs have all of a sudden DISAPPEARED! "

"I can stand to be in my own skin now. So grateful. Bless your work."

". . .undies are everything you claimed them to be – no itch whatsoever. Again, many thanks."

"Love them! No longer break out in hives on my buttocks when I wear these!!!"

"Latex-free undies have completely solved my skin troubles. I am very thankful."


"I've never had a more attentive, personalized, online, shopping experience in my life. You are one in a million for sure!! Thanks!"

"Allergy-free undies are heaven on earth. EVERYONE should have them, allergy or no allergy. They are so soft and comfy!!"

"Brown spots on my back are finally fading after YEARS of scratching & irritation. What a blessing you are."

"Amazing fit. Beautiful, soft fabric. AND NO ITCH!!!"

"wearing latex-free undies, 'NO ITCHING' is absolutely true advertizing. Thanks"

"Thank you again for such fine quality, genuinely healthy products that are also exquisite & flattering!"

"For me your product is an everyday MUST."

"How pristine they are. Absolutely no chemical smell or residues whatsoever! You really stay true to your word!"

"Yours is the ONLY HONEST 100% pure cotton. I do NOT itch. (Price is also very reasonable.)"

"I am wearing them right now & they FEEL SOOOOOOOO GOOD!"

"I am tickled pink! I open my drawer every day, and say thank you, Barbara! Had to let you know. Thank you, again and again."

"Black bra is sooo soft! I couldn't believe how comfortable it is without the stretch."

"tried my old underwear and I broke out almost immediately. I'm so glad you're making allergy-free underwear."

"Received her organic bra. She was afraid to put it on. Now she wears it and laughs!"

"I got my new bra today and it is a perfect fit! I absolutely love it! Barbara, you are amazing. Thank you so very much! You are a miracle!"

"For me, this organic bra is an emergency. A luxurious necessity."

"I swear it's the best fitting bra I've ever worn! You definitely custom made it for me!"

"Can't tell you what a difference allergy-free underwear has made in my life."

"I can't even feel them on. I love them. Thanks for 100% cotton. Great product."

"Allergy-free underwear is making a huge difference. I'm healing and way more comfortable."

"can't imagine going back to any other underwear. Latex-free underwear has solved my break-out problems."

"Hey Barbara! Just got mine in the mail yesterday and I love them so far! Thank you SO much for being so helpful and kind."

"SOOO comfortable & perfect fitting. Definitely the best underwear in the world."

"Love your amazing products. And love your no-return policy for intimates!"

"I don't want to take them off! They are so soft and beautiful."

"Nothing compares to the nature of your products. The fit, comfort, softness, and NO, NO, NO ITCH."

"My daughter loves her new undies! Very good quality. I am glad I found your product."

"I don't see how I could get into trouble wearing one of your bras---given what I've seen so far on the beach. . . ."

"Bra actually holds me up so I look perky! (Not like the older woman I really am!)"

"I keep expecting them to itch--but they don't. My hands are finally AT REST."

"Yours is great! Bra does not itch at all. After Christmas I'll order more. It was well worth the wait."

"Hallelujah!!! Elastic-free bras fit perfectly. SOOO comfortable. Pretty enough to wear under a jacket, like a bustier!"

"How wonderful your underwear is! This is the softest, smoothest knit cotton I've ever felt."

"Love undies more than I know how to express. Didn't know a product could be so perfect. I am comfortable. Happy, happy, happy."

"Latex-free undies are my favorites. So comfy! Especially love the non-binding legs. Thanks!"

"You can feel love through Art, and these panties are a work of Art."

"You are so great to have created a bra with NO elastic, yet able to support--and feel so comfortable."

"I must say latex-free bras are the most comfortable I have EVER worn. Such a clever shape. Worth every penny. Many thanks."

"never expected silk, sexy support from an allergy-free bra."

"bought six pairs of your hip-huggers in pink and have had no allergic reaction for well over a year. Please send me your wonderful product! "

". . . happy & thankful for chemical-free underwear. I've had great results from what you produce. Thanks."

"have found newly discovered comfort. Thank you for developing organic, latex-free underwear."

"Another good thing about these fantastic undies: they do not shrink."

"Without this bra, I need a shopping cart to haul around this load."

"Thank you for plus size bras. This is no joke."

"very flattering. I am an "H" cup."

". . .100% silk taffeta bra is sweat-free, rash-free, very refined."

"Lolita is long enough to cover the stomach scars."

"allergy-free bra is so soft against my tortured skin. This is structural engineering at its best."

"I bet Pandora is the only 100% elastic-free, bathing suit top on the whole Gulf Coast!"

". . . never had material that felt so good against my skin. Best undies ever!!"

"These are the only ones I will wear."

"I dreamed your underwear was stocked at Whole Foods Market."

"I could kiss you for allergy-free underwear! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

"You are the only company that offers true latex-free."

"Thanks for offering the best latex-free underwear. The drawstring type are terrible; like wearing a loincloth!"

"Thank you for a very nice quality product. I am building my collection."

"Nobody else would give me a latex-free size 58 "H" bra. I am OUT OF PAIN."

"Sensational. Barbara was knowledgeable about allergies & what it takes to keep someone safe & happy."

"Package arrived in 3 days . . . to ALASKA!"

"Other companies charge for Priority Mail, but then send it First Class--which can take 3 weeks. Not so with LatexFreeUndies."

"Thank you Barbara, for a wonderful product, & equally wonderful service. Latex-free undies are keeping me from a life of misery! "

"Love allergy-free undies. Texture is so soft. They really are comfortable."

"softness is the same today as it was when they were new. Had to let you know what a happy customer I am. Thank you! Regards"

"Latex-free undies are beautifully made, high quality, so comfy--AND ELASTIC-FREE!"

"Now she knows where she will order all her bras AND NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE THEM."

"I am very impressed at how well the bra is made. It is very beautiful. Thank you so much."

"We made a deal. One pair of undies for each day I don't complain on this fishing trip."

"Elastic-free bra is so comfy. I love it. I am thrilled about what you have lined my bra with. Thanks again."

". . .didn't want a kayak. She wanted a dozen latex-free undies."

"Ever since I gave his mother those pink panties, she's almost human."

"Wonderful feature: panties stay up without rolling & they don't creep up."

"They bring such warm, fuzzy feelings like yummy, warm, comfort food. I want to order more. Thank you."

"Latex-free bra fits so nicely and supports very well."

"Thank you for your product so beautiful & full of love."

"Thank you so much for such quick service. I love the undies.."

"Thanks again for a great product, this is my 4th order! Please let me know if availability ever becomes an issue."

"thrilling & exciting to know someone like you is making these wonderful bras happen."

[Made in Peru]

Life- and sanity-saving Barbara,
These undies are . . . I don't have the words. They are like donning air. My furious skin condition (due to my kidneys being inundated by tumors, and so passing their blood cleansing job on to the skin) has calmed already.

I have made inroads since my diagnosis in January: the purest food and water and linens, etc., etc.

But your panties (and I know your bra soon) put me over the top.
Even my "cleanest" and most merciful cotton garments, felt like animals with metal teeth----eternally biting me. (Sorry; only way to describe it.)

Your product? I am 62 years old and the last time I felt like this, I was in my mother's arms.

Great, great gratitude

Received my beautiful flamingo panties. They are made the best of anything I have seen in years, and the legbands and crotch area are perfect. No pinch, no twist, no irritation as with latex.

Not only do I have problems with synthetics ( latex, etc.), but, due to many immune system assaults by synthetic pharmaceuticals, my digestive system is a wreck; and I can not tolerate anything snug around my waist or abdomen.

I do appreciate these, and I want to tell you what a top notch product you are making here. You are the answer to prayer for those who can't do latex.

Thanks again.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara,

The bra came last week, but I waited to write until I was sure I wasn't imagining things.   But I wasn't,   and I'm not;   and here I am this morning,   fifth day out,  with the skin of my  arms,   shoulders,   and clavicle  clearing  from their furious, oozing, itching, painful #$%^&*()%. Clearing----exactly  as  my  lower  torso  did  from  the  undies. I'm sorry----you probably hear the aforementioned a lot, and I know you are a busy woman----but I am going to continue to blather.

The construction of this garment is brilliant. You promised me three sizes, but I've got at least four: the size I am now (perfection!),   two down,   and one or two up due to edema. I know you of course can't promise a possible five sizes in your literature, and maybe it's just my body, but I have a good eye-----3 out of 4 grandparents were in the rag trade-----and I really think this bra will serve me beautifully for years, no matter what my body is at any point in time. No matter what you charge, how do you make a living from a product like that?! That said, please know that I will be knocking at your site again. I've started a separate stash for your products. When my weight stabilizes, I will purchase an entire wardrobe from

Back to construction. Faultless  support  and  shaping  and  flattering, with  no compression-----and  no  stretchy  stuff. How you do it is beyond me. And I won't even talk about the fabric and feel. I simply imagine Peruvian Tinker Bells weaving dew and moonbeams in the night. And oh, that cup lining   .    .    .    .

Please, please feel free to use this for any purpose you wish. You can even snip or edit, just throw it back to me for a last peek before you publish. (My publishers sort of prefer that.)

I emphasize to all potential customers that they take you up on your measurement offer. In common bras I was a 48 F, and shrunk to a 46 DD. To be honest, I  thought  you  were  delusional when, after receiving my measurements, you wrote you were sending me a 50 B. The 50 made no sense in pure mathematical terms. As for the B  .   .   .   well, Barbara honey, I haven't been a B since Brownies. But the  fit  is  perfection.

I don't know what any inventor, much less a female and alternative one, faces in our current market, but I hope you are/get RICH as creamsicles (sigh, which I can never eat again). And more than that, I hope that your own health is compassionate to you; and that your life is utterly free of pain, harshness, and fragility-----all in the merit of what you do for women.


I think it because you know Exactly what I went thru for 3 years.
Your able to help people.
Your Undies even cleared up around my stomach.
My skin was so bad, big blotch on each hip side and infected.
All cleared up.
I only have the two pair of Undies is why I have to wash one a day. Until I can buy more undies.
The 3 more pair I ordered will hold me over.
Then I'll get some more next month.
I cannot wear anything without my Undies.
I'll break out. One night I wore my PJ's without my Undies, because I didn't have a clean pair of undies. Broke out.
I am using Distilled water, I also use it for watering my plants.
I hope you know I'm Grateful.
This is one of the times that I will never ever be able to Thank you enough.
But, I will remember you for the rest of my life how you helped me.
I bet every single person you sold your Undies to is as Grateful as I am.
Have a nice Holiday.


Hello, My Friend Barbara,
My new OMG undies have arrived.
I love that they were packaged in plant based paper! You are truly a perfectionist. Thank you so much.

I have been wearing my new undies since I opened the package late this afternoon. OMG! They are the softest material I have ever felt against my skin. No binding in the pelvic area and they even look cute on! Love the colors as well! I tossed 4 pair of my old undies and as soon as I get paid in October I will be buying another 4 pair at least. I am going to try very hard to follow all directions (which are not very many, but I get confused easily since my accident) and all should go well.

I am hoping to have a month's worth someday! A new pair for everyday! I won't be tempted to wash them too often if i have plenty. I would love to buy some of these for my daughter as well. She would love these.

Anyway, Barbara, once again I can't begin to THANK YOU enough for all the questions answered and the education you are giving so many of us that have been stumbling in the dark.

I haven't had to pull, tug, rearrange or fuss with these panties since putting them on hours ago. Best of all boy cut style usually bothers the large wound on my leg that had surgery---and these don't!

I barely feel I have any panties on!

Great job Barbara, just amazing.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I am so happy we did connect for whatever time it may be. Peace and Health to you and those you love.



I was so happy when I found your email in spam, which I usually never read any of but just delete. I had a feeling after reading all the wonderful and personal reviews about not only the garments you invented, but about YOU, that I would indeed hear from you. And I DID! I wish you lived next door to me! I feel as if I already know you in some way. You have done such a truly wonderful thing for so many people, Barbara.

I am going to do my measuring tonight as I tend to feel better later in the evening - I am so excited and do not feel anything in life is a coincidence. I can not tell you just how much it meant to me to receive an e-mail directly from you. That with all you do, you still made time to email me personally. It touched my heart and you make me proud to be a woman! It is always up to us as women (it seems) to solve our own female problems! You have done that it seems and a whole lot more. Your compassion is truly amazing. I can read it in the reviews of so many women you have helped already.

I hope you are told you are loved and find peace in your life each day.

Know you have made the world a better place not only for yourself Barbara, but by also sharing your gift of intellect and knowledge with so many others. To relieve another's suffering is a blessing.

If you have not heard it today, then hear it now... I love you Barbara! You are as the Native Americans say, A true Human Being.
So grateful to have found you.

Your new customer, but more so, a friend,


I've been wearing all my stuff inside out for a couple of years, hoping that less latex (or whatever that crap is) would touch me. I kept buying new stuff cause the stretchy stuff works thru the material. And I NEVER thought about the darn thread being stretchy till I read your note!!

I'll order more when I get the money, be assured of that!

By the way, NO MORE cortisone creams!!

The rest of the story is, I'm allergic to bandaids, ace wraps, etc.
I sew cotton on my bras where they touch my ribs in front...helps a little.
Try to find pure cotton socks and jeans!! I haven't yet.

You are great! Thanks


Subject: Undies have arrived!

Hi again Barbara,
Your package reminded me of when we used to play musical parcels as a child! After peeling off several layers, I finally found the goodies! Well worth waiting for.

Obedient to your instructions, I started wearing one of the panties immediately WITHOUT WASHING THEM FIRST. To my delight, I have discovered that your products are all they are made out to be. VERY COMFORTABLE TO WEAR, AN EXCELLENT FIT, and best of all: NO ADVERSE ALLERGIC REACTIONS.

Guess who you've made happy over here in Norway?
I'm now looking forward to being able to wear a bra again, as you have given me new hope on that front too.

In one of your earlier mails, Barbara, you called me "a doll."
Well now YOU are the doll. Thank you for your great inventor qualities, coming up with a solution for us allergy sufferers.

By the way, have you ever thought of producing bikinis and swim wear?

Have a good weekend. You deserve it.

Warm regards,

Dear Barbara, Oh Great Goddess of Bras and Boobs Everywhere -

Well, here I sit unclothed as usual.

I am going to BURN these nightgowns. I don't live in a Nudist Colony and really don't want to be arrested. After going through my closet I have discovered that almost everything is adulterated........... desperately seeking CLEAN clothing.

I have been reading your email over and over and actually, I WANT all of them. LOL - who wouldn't after going through "boobie hell?"

I cannot believe all the crap they put in these bras and I INTEND to tell all unsuspecting females to BEWARE! And NO I DO NOT WANT ONE MORE LATEX BRA WITH ANY GLITTERY JUNK GLUED ONTO IT.

I am taking your BRILLIANT ADVICE on what I should order.

Thank you so so so very much for helping me with my sizing and explaining everything so completely.

Best regards from your new (almost loca) Boobie buddy ---
New Mexico

Dear Barbara,
Sorry for the long delay, but about a month ago I received the Nefertiti bra, and I swear it's the best fitting bra I've ever worn! You definitely custom made it for me!

I really love the undies too; will you be making more of the Flamingo color in size 5 or 6 anytime soon? The 5 originally was a nearly perfect fit, but gained a few pounds from Thanksgiving so might want to get a pair in size 6 as well (they are a little bit tight around the thighs now). I've been eyeing the Flamingo panties right from the start.

Thank you again for making such fine quality, genuinely healthy products that are also exquisite & flattering!

Best Wishes

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for your concern. I received my heavenly soft panties today! They fit extremely well and are flattering. I will wear them in good health!

It's amazing how pristine they are; absolutley no chemical smell or residues whatsoever! (Other organic items I've bought in the past have chemical odors, and I am chemically sensitive).

You really stay true to your word! Thank you again.

Best Regards, . . .
New Jersey

I bought six pairs of your hip-huggers in pink and have had no allergic reaction for well over a year, so I put on a pair of my "ordinary" knickers to see what would happen. It seemed fine the day I wore them; but the next day, a large, red, angry, sore/itchy patch appeared, that took three days to go down! Please send me your wonderful product!

London, England

Hi Barbara,
Thank you! They're fantastic. As an experiment I tried to wear my old underwear for a couple hours one day and I broke out almost immediately. Clearly you're onto something. I'm so glad you're making allergy-free underwear!

Best wishes,
New Haven, Connecticut

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much! The underwear arrived on Friday and I can't imagine going back to any other underwear. I have to order more! They've solved my break-out problems and they're so comfortable and perfectly fitting.

Definitely the best underwear in the world.

New Haven Ct.

I just got your underwear. Let me start by saying I didn't know cloth could feel that way on skin. YOUR UNDERWEAR CHANGED THE WAY I THINK OF CLOTHING. I have NEVER had the experience of putting something on----- and  NOT  feeling it all day:  NO ITCHING OR BUNCHING. THANK YOU.

I have color dye allergies:  specifically to unnatural blue dye "disperse blue dye 106" and "124."

I literally had to throw all of my clothing out due to hives all over. YOUR UNDERWEAR DID NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL. THANK YOU.


I got my new bra today and it is a perfect fit! I absolutely love it! Barbara, you are amazing. Thank you so very much! You are a miracle!"

South Dakota

Thank YOU, so much, Ms. Barbara! I plan to use your allergen test, as I am 100% confident that it will work.

I've experienced this type of testing with a naturopath doctor.

I'm so sorry that you suffered for 8 months of searching. I thank God that you turned your troubles into triumph which helps countless others like me! THANK YOU!


Hi Barbara~
I received my order today and love it! The bra felt at first like it would be too loose, but it's perfect! Thanks so much. I am about to go order more because I feel better already!


I just ordered 8 pairs from you and I love your underwear! I never got sores from the latex that I'm allergic to, just pain.

I'm so happy I found these. They are so soft and comfortable. You forget you have underwear on!! Thank you so much for making them. Any chance you'd make pants or shorts or pajamas? Thank you.


Thinking about all the things for which I am thankful, I am happy to have added you, your wonderful invention, and the drawerful of lovely flamingo pink undies, which make my every day more comfortable and fun. No one can see them, of course, as I frolic through life, but they can see the big smile on my face, because I am, well, tickled pink!

I open my drawer every day, and say thank you, Barbara! And I just had to let you know. Thank you, again and again.

Lewisburg KY

Got my Flamingos! I am enjoying comfortable and pretty undies every day! Thank you for working with me, Barbara, on my perfect fit. And for the handy healthy tips as well. Not only do my pink panties fit well, and look pretty on me, they "pretty up" my laundry room, as they hang drying.

Thanks again.

Dear Barbara,

I love my underwear!! Actually, more than any others I have owned! I am going online now to order more. Thank you so much for your assistance and all of your kind words. I have many allergies aside from the latex, and things are finally seeming to come together. I can't wait for my Bra to get here!

Thanks so much again

Hey Barbara!

Well I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I love them so far! Thank you SO much for being so helpful and kind. I've never had a more attentive, personalized, online, shopping experience in my life. You are one in a million for sure!!

North Carolina


I don't see how I could get into trouble wearing one of your bras---given what I've seen so far on the beach? My assets will be well covered!


Dear Barbara -
Your ability to create connection, reassurance and your commitment to quality is fantastic. Please make no apologies for the time it takes. Funny, your kinesiology test is something I've known about and used for lots of things over the years --- I use a pendulum. But I've never thought to test an article of clothing beforehand! I'll start doing this. If you know of any good resources for learning about this allergy, I'd appreciate knowing a little more, as I'm just a newbie in discovering this and you sound like a veteran.
Many thanks for your dedicated service and personalized assistance! Very reassuring to know we've figured out the right size beforehand, and that I'll have options to extend or shrink the size as my body changes. I'm so looking forward to meeting Aphrodite and Nefertiti!

Take good care,


I am very happy with your product. I have suffered with latex allergy for many years; mainly due to the spandex used. Thank you so much. You have made my dream come true.
Thank you.


Hi Barbara
I have received all the bras now and I must say they are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Such a clever shape. They are worth every penny. Many thanks.

United Kingdom

Barbara I love the underwear. When I received my first pair I couldn't believe how soft and pretty they were. I didn't have any reactions or itching. I can now go out in public without the itching sensations or fear that I will have to use my epi-pen because of my underwear.

No more cotton covering under the underwear which required a lot of time in the ladies' room getting it and my underwear off and on. Thank you for this life-saving garment!

Washington, DC

Hi Barbara,
My order arrived yesterday, and the undies are adorable! They're much cuter than I expected, and the color is beautiful--one of my favorites.

I wore a pair under casual clothes last evening and am wearing a pair today under a suit. The fit is exceptional, and they stay where they're supposed to stay. No bagging or sagging, and no riding up. What more can you ask of undies?

Best of all, I'm not having any allergic reaction to them! What a joy!

Thanks for your laundry suggestions. I intend to wash them separately and hang them to dry. As soon as I see how they come through the wash, I'll order more. If they shrink a tad, I'll get a bigger size.

Thanks again for such a delightful little product. They're everything you said--and more!

Plano, Texas

Hi Barbara,
Hoping all is well with you. I posted the undies up to my friend and I just wanted you to know she was very happy with them. They are certainly a big improvement on the 'granny undies' she has been wearing and they are very nice with the lower cut jeans that she loves to wear (she can get away with it with her figure!). Also I would like to thank you for your unflagging assistance, patience and all round niceness even though our order was very challenging. When you order goods from the internet you never expect to have an actual person (let alone a very nice one!) to answer your e-mails.

We will certainly be buying from you again and I will recommend your company and product to anyone I discover with latex allergy. Once again thank you very much.

Victoria, Australia

Hello Barbara,
It is so nice to hear from you again. Thank you for the email. Of course you have my permission! I meant every word of it. I know this sounds crazy, but when I wear them, all I think of is you, your beautiful picture and I feel love coming through the softness and coziness of your panties. They make me feel that good!

I hope you don't think I'm nuts. I think you can feel love through art, and these panties are a work of art. Thank you for working so hard to make your product so beautiful and full of love."

Greetings Barbara,
Let me begin by saying your panties are heaven on earth. EVERYONE should have them, allergy or no allergy. They are so soft and so comfy!! They bring to one, such warm, fuzzy feelings like you get when you eat yummy, warm, comfort food.

I want to order more. It would be nice to have some purple or black or burnt orange or butter yellow. I read the post from a woman who wants purple. Lavender.

Take care and best wishes for 2010!
Thank you.

Midwest City, Oklahoma

I absolutely love them. Thanks so much! You will likely see another order from me soon.

All the best.

Exton, Pennsylvania

Hi Barbara,
In these days of giving thanks, I wanted to give you an update on the bra you sent me. I've made the size adjustment, and LOVE it. It actually holds me up so I look perky!

Also, you really do have the gift for finding the right material! It does not itch at all, and my brown spots on my back are finally fading after all these years of scratching and irritation. What a blessing you are, thanks! I have another bra that is all cotton, but it makes me droop like the older woman I really am (!) and although it is better than my elastic bras, it is still bothersome.

Yours is great. After Christmas, I'll take the time to order some more. It was well worth the wait while you got just the right material. Fascinating!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And yea for the Pilgrims who had the first vision to give us freedom. And thanks for using your freedom to share your vision with us.


Hi Barbara,
I live in Queensland which has fantastic climate and environments all close by. I am also aboriginal and our tribal country is in rain forest country, bordering the barrier reef just outside of Cairns, North Queensland. So I know what you mean about paradise.

Unfortunately I am allergic to the 21st century and have to live on the outskirts of Queensland's biggest city, Brisbane, to be close to medical facilities.

I miss the rain forest the most. We have pockets of it only 5 minutes from where I live. I feed the wild birds everyday. My tribal totems are birds.

There are no latex, elastic-free bras in Australia, and I have allergic reactions with even supposedly safe, natural fabrics also.

So your site is a godsend. It's thrilling and exciting to know someone like you is out there; making these wonderful bras happen. I can empathize with the enormous amounts of time and energy you're having to put in, to keep them safe and non-allergenic.

I was so excited when I found your site that I wanted to order straight away.

Queensland, Australia

Barbara, thanks so much for answering all my questions and directing me to that sizing site. I very much look forward to finally having my peace of mind. Your understanding and determination for creating an item so in need, will forever be appreciated.

Canmore, Canada

Barbara. I had to tell you how wonderful your underwear is! This is the softest, smoothest knit cotton I've ever felt. Next time I will definitely order at least the next size up.

A wonderful feature about this underwear: it stays up and doesn't creep, like some underwear (that looks awful in slacks). Thank you SO much for all your efforts.

Coopersville, Michigan

I ordered 4 undies in March, and I love them! I no longer break out in hives on my buttocks when I wear these!!!

Hi Barbara. I received the undies and they fit perfectly.

These are making a huge difference. I'm healing and I'm way more comfortable. I'm glad I finally found the cause of my discomfort.

I will be reordering before too long.

Hi Barbara,
Yes, most acceptable. Thank you! I appreciate your concern for this garment being the right fit and I also appreciate no separate charge for the shipping.

I am very much looking forward to receiving this underwear as I have been looking for a solution to my allergic reaction to elastic and am happy to support the creative work and efforts of an independent person such as yourself--Thank you.

Hi Barbara,
Cellophane will be perfect, thanks. It's good to find a company that doesn't use shiny plastic packaging, as that takes 7-8 washes to get the smell out of even organic cotton.

I'm also delighted to find organic cotton undies that are latex-free as the Australian company I was buying them from, can no longer get latex free elastic for their knickers.

I'm delighted with your prices which are very competitive, and the fact that also the shipping is free. I've posted your link on a forum for allergy sufferers (in Australia) that I belong to and they are eagerly waiting to hear how I find your product.


Hi Barbara,
I'm delighted that the perfume company no longer exists. I'll let the rest of our members know, as that was quite a worry.

If it's OK with you, I'd prefer the cellophane to the ordinary paper. I use it quite a lot at home to store things that I would previously have wrapped in plastic (including food for the freezer), and I get orders from other organic cotton companies that come wrapped in it. As I also react to some papers (and am unsure about the dyes), I'd feel more comfortable with the cellophane option.


Hi Barbara,
I really appreciate the care you take with your customers, and thanks for setting my mind at rest re the working conditions of your employees. I'm a big fan of social justice as well as environmental justice. May your company flourish!

Victoria, Australia

Hi Barbara.

I LOVE my new bra! I am wearing it right now. It is so comfortable, and it's not pointy at all. It took a day or so to break it in, because there's a lot of fabric there and it seemed too big at first. But on the tighter setting, and with the straps adjusted, it fits perfectly. I am glad you will be getting more use out of the pattern. I think people will like it.

I just stopped taking the pill, so my size might change over the next few months. Around Christmas time, I will see where I am size-wise, and I will probably order a couple more. Thanks again!

Bay Shore, N.Y.

Hi, Barbara.

I am not having a reaction at all; and it's so comfortable, I don't know how I was getting through the day before.

I would come home with literally gashes under my arms and across my back that wouldn't even heal by morning. It was horrible!

I wore your bra on my vacation, pointiness and all, and when I went back to my latex bras after I got home, I became completely miserable again.

And you were SO helpful in designing a completely new style just for me!

I never would have expected that. Maybe you don't want to tell anyone that though, because everyone might want a different style. I think they will love the [bra you designed for me]; if you add it to your line-up. Thanks again!

New York

I purchase underwear ( Pantie) from you several years ago and they have been fantastic.  They are getting very worn.  I figuer I need at least 8 brief in the larges size 12 or so.  I do not have credit card accounts with neither of your credit card co.

I have lost your address.  I can send check for the amount of purchase. Please call me before . . . .Sincerely,  thankyou

Barbara,    I  received  the  two  bras  you  made  for  me,  and  can   only say  HALLELUJAH!!!!! They  fit  perfectly   and  are  SOOO   comfortable.  I think they're actually  pretty  enough   to  wear  under   a  jacket,  like  a  bustier!

Thank you again for offering  such  a  valuable  service  to those of us with latex allergies.  I'm happy to recommend you to anyone I know who has similar problems or just likes to wear organic clothing.

Hi.  Received the package today and ran into my house to put them on. Very comfy and the first time I have worn underwear that didn't immediately sting and burn my skin.

I am a natural redhead, so I've always had a lot of skin sensitivities.  I had a positive blood test for allergy to latex.  

All of a sudden recently, it feels like my body just turned on me, and I'm having hyper-reactions to items I have worn for years. I can certainly understand you saying you could not wear a thing for 8 months.  

My fear is that no one will believe me because on the surface it can sound ludicrous. I saw an allergist recently and my gynecologist. I can see my bra will be next and then possibly all of my clothes.  

I remember seeing a documentary about a woman who was literally allergic to everything in her house. She could not leave the house because the smell of perfume would make her sick.  I definitely don't want this to get out of hand.

Your  underwear  is  beautifully  made,  high  quality,  and  so  comfy.   Just  love  it!  I would be willing to write an endorsement for you for your web site. It's pretty too, and you can't beat that.
Thanks again. Respectfully yours,

New Jersey

Hello!  I am a satisfied customer through Mr.----. I  love  my  underwear!  You   really  did a  fantasic  job.   Mr. --- is very pleased with your business and will refer you again.

New York

To:    I am having a Christmas Eve  just quiet and had a  little energy.  I am amazed what you have accomplished with environmental sensitivity.  I was going to be sent for a study to see why I am still alive.  I was so sick I wasn't able to be anywhere with auto exhaust.  My story is long and I know what dispair is. Because of God's mercy,  He keeps me together.

You are a very blessed girl.  I believe you have this talent and experience to be a great gift to the needs of others.

Waukegan,  Illinois

I have found newly discovered comfort with my first pair of undies. Thank you for developing organic, latex-free undies! I look forward to receiving more.

Ontario Canada

I have been loving my undies more than I know how to express. I didn't know a product could be so perfect. I am comfortable. Happy, happy, happy. Helping my skin and personal area, so I can stand to be in my own skin. So grateful. Bless your work.

"Received package...thank you so much for such quick service, I love the UNDIES..."

New York City

"Thank you! I am looking forward to an itchy-free life! I can't believe how difficult it is to find latex-free underwear- especially since this is not a rare allergy! Thank you in advance for all your hard work to make so many people's lives more comfortable."

New York City

Thank you for your kind reply. I am both happy and thankful for you & your product & have passed your web site on to many of my friends because I have had great results from what you produce. Expect an order from me soon & much luck to you in keeping this going. I'm sure it hasn't been easy; hang in there. Thanks.

Georgia, U.S.A.

"Wish I could give you and your workers a well-supported hug. My love and grateful heart thank you for comfort."


Have you ever considered making other types of all-cotton clothing (pants, blouses, lingerie etc.)? This sure is a blessing!


FYI, I don't have allergies. I have problems with spinal alignment and find I am more comfortable without elastic support!


I haven't seen a Bigfoot. I didn't know there were more sightings here. We are the corn capital of Canada (how exciting is that).

Your life sure isn't wasted. Being able to wear a bra for the whole day has changed everything for me. I appreciate you so much!

Chilliwack, BC

I've been wanting a bra like this for YEARS! When I was younger I hated lace. Then I found out I was allergic to latex, and finding a comfortable bra, in a bigger size, has been impossible. I'm so excited to finally have you make me one!


Dear Barbara,
Thank you for the free pair of underpants you sent me with my last order. It is very much appreciated, since these are keeping me from a life of absolute misery! Thanks again,


Dearest Barbara,
I cannot thank you enough for your comfortable, healthy work of art. It fits like a glove. I had no idea that washing in distilled water or filtered water could be so harmful. My only question is whether I should avoid wearing it for golf?

Many, many thanks for your thoroughness, kindness and care. I will recommend you to anyone who suffers similar sensitivities.

Blessings upon you (they certainly come through you)!


I LOVE my LatexFreeUndies but need a size 6. I ordered one pair a few months ago and would order 5 more, if they were available.

I just ordered a size 5 to get me by until 6's are avaiable again.
Thank you.

Wow! Thanks, Barbara, for extending such a generous offer.
I was surprised to read also, that you don't want the bras washed before first wearing. Of course it makes sense--who knows what is in the soaps, etc. I guess you have become an expert in advising people with similar problems.

One of the avenues I have been down is the N.A.E.T. allergy "cure" and treatment. They use the same arm-strength-resistance test. I continued to have reactions while going through the treatment and paused for a while. I just couldn't stop breaking out. I hadn't thought of spandex in my socks, the knit cuffs of jackets, and the band on the shower cap. So discouraging. So frustrating.

You are really doing a great service to many, many women!
Thanks so much

Hi Barbara - by the way, thank you for the bra, it is absolutely wonderful to wear!!

United Kingdom

Thank you for your unique product.


Barbara, I love your bras. They are pure, natural and superbly constucted.

I suffer severely with latex allergies! I am so tired of the discomfort I experience with latex underwear.

Your product is the answer to my most unfortunate and uncomfortable problem. I am sure to be a repeat customer. Thank you for providing latex-free products.

They are a godsend for those who suffer with allergies.

Thank you for getting this out so quickly.
We are going on vacation and I am in need of undies. These are the only ones I will wear!
Have a great holiday!

Wonderful. Thank you. We're very grateful for your product.

My best.

Got my Flamingos, size 12. The waist is comfortable on my sensitive tummy. Of course, the rest of the fit is also. I am wearing them today, and so far they are very comfortable. Panties, whether they fit or not, can make a huge difference in our focus on what really matters.

So, Barbara, thank you for working with me. Thank you also for the great advice regarding digestive issues. I daily work on the diet. No tap water passes my lips, if I can help it. Great first-thing-in-the-morning tip you gave me. I will try it.

Again, thank you so much, Barbara! I will be giving these pretty pink 12's a good test run, and then I will be ready to order more, maybe enough for the discount!


My bra arrived yesterday afternoon. I'm thrilled with it and quite impressed at how comfortable it is. Thank you once again and I hope to order more bras in the near future. Again many thanks.

United Kingdom

Barbara, Your Undies Are Genius!

I don't want to take them off! I've got to order more. They are so soft and beautiful. Bless you!

Ontario, Canada

Thank you! Your undies are so comfortable. And it gives me PEACE OF MIND to know someone makes undies that truly have NO chemicals.

St. Louis MO

enjoying panties, at last, which don't pinch, twist, or bite! Hooray! Makes dancing so much more fun.
I am doing my victory dance,
in my #9 flamingo pink underpants!!!!!!
( Imagine that with the help of a cane, and then laugh with me.)

So happy with your invention, Barbara.
Thank you again.

Barbara, THANK YOU for your honesty.

There is no other, like yours.
You are someone I can trust. I really appreciate that.

May we celebrate many more years of LatexFreeUndies, together!


Thanks for the awesome panties bought previously! I find myself keep reaching out for them instead of others! Thanks for your amazing job.

Hong Kong

Thank you very much for the latex-free underwear! I really appreciate your sending me an extra pair. They have completely solved my skin troubles. I am very thankful.


Thank you for the best undies in the world!

Ontario Canada

I appreciate being able to purchase latex-free underwear very much.

Winnipeg Canada

Thank you, Barbara, for some really wonderful stuff! I am buying the smallest size 5 as well, to see if they would fit my kids. If not, they can grow into them!

Hong Kong


Thank you for all of the information! I appreciate it.

I'm going to order 8 more pair of underwear from you today.

I hope your business keeps going strong so you can add more garments.

Best of luck. Thank you so much.


I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you for such a great product for people like us. It is definitely almost nothing like this out there. Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Thank you so much for your update and quick response (your customer service is superlative).


Thank you so much! My new bra is so soft! I couldn't believe how comfortable it is without the stretch. The best part, it arrived just in time for my's like my birthday gift to me! Have a wonderful weekend!

Painesville OH

Hi Barbara.
Hope you are well! Am back for more! Love your amazing products.
And love your no-return policy for intimates!

Best regards,
Hong Kong

I thank God that you turned your troubles into triumph which helps countless others like me!


Thank you for what you are offering us who have allergies. You are Heaven sent!

Hello again, I am a return customer still loving the underwear you offer.
Glad to see the new colors.

Thank you for your assistance. Your help has been amazing. I am looking forward to my "bra day." I am also planning to order more in the future.

I sent this package to my mom because she can no longer tolerate any elastic on her skin. She is very sensitive to fabric also and has always chosen fabrics that are fine to the touch.

She loves her new underwear and will be ordering more at another time! Thanks for hanging in there and creating something so fine!

Thank you


San Antonio, Texas

THANKS. My undies arrived today-Saturday. I was so excited, I am wearing them right now & they FEEL SOOOOOOOO Good! Thanks a million!


Dear Barbara,
I received the Celestina bra yesterday and love it! Thank you for making it and getting it to me so quickly. I'll be ordering another one soon.

New York

Would love to take these with me to Italy, leaving on Oct 1st. Absolutely love the comfort of these panties.


I bought one pair to give it a try. I was surprised the band was not elastic. The undies didn't cause a rash at the waist or the legs.

Thank you for a very nice quality product.
I am building my collection.


My appreciation and thanks to you, dear Barbara.

#1 fan...
(Comfortable in Texas)

Thanks again for a great product that solves a HUGE problem for
me & I am sure many others. I am always sure to pass your website along to all fellow sufferers I come in contact with.

Most kindly,

Thank you for inventing these, Barb. I wish I had made my 2nd order sooner!

And I wish I had more $$ to buy more!


To Barbara:

Thank you so much Barbara. The bra is gorgeous, and I eagerly await the second one. The band on the one you sent me had room for me to both adjust tighter and looser, so i think that dimension works great. So too the straps with that great little fastener on them. I am definitely a fuller-cup figure.

I am glad you have a backlog because that means your business is booming, no?

As a consumer who has done a fair amount of research, I can say with confidence that it is extremely hard to find latex-free bras that have style, attractiveness, real support and look like something one would want to put on.

Most of the inventory out there is frumpy, suited only to those in the B and C cup range, and frumpy. And nothing (nobody else) seems to accommodate a smaller rib/bigger breast figure.

Thank you for your swift reply.
Best regards

I see lots of natural,organic underwear from different companies... but nothing compares to the nature of your products.

As I was donning my lovely pink panties this morning, I couldn't' help but notice the softness is the same today as it was when they were new. Just had to let you know what a happy customer I am. Thank you!


Hello Barbara,
My daughter loves her new undies!

Thank you for responding so quickly with your helpful advice! The undies seem to have very good quality.

I did try prior another type of undies that did not contain spandex / elastic; and they only lasted about 2 1/2 months until they got really loose around her legs and did not stay in place for her. I could not imagine replacing them that soon.

Your product seems to have very good quality to them. I am glad I found your product.

I was wondering when the pink would be available in size 5......

Thanks again

My fanny is flattered in your invention!
Sounds as if your business is growing... and

I am proud to be one of your many happy customers frolicking through life in my flamingo pink panties! Thank you, Barbarita! What a beautiful name.


Thanks Barbara.

I don't have latex/chemical/environmental allergies (just gluten) but I've never been able to tolerate any kind of pressure against my skin - it causes me pain. As a result I own a billion pairs of uncomfortable panties that I don't wear.

Hello- I ordered undies from you before and they are the most comfortable underpants I have ever had. I want to order but cannot for the life of me remember what size I ordered before. Is there a way you could look up what I ordered before?

I will greatly appreciate this info as the one I have fits perfectly.


I am ever so thankful for your wonderful invention; something I can put on me that is all good, and I must say, its own good medicine that is helping me in mine.

I can't thank you enough for your quick reply! I just placed an order and I am thrilled I found your site! I am looking forward to receiving them! Your comment "before I jumped off a bridge" rang so true to me!

Thank you again.
So happy I found you!

New Jersey

If you decide to make pants with drawstrings & no elastic, please e-mail me.

So happy I found you! God bless you!

Hi, Barbara,
Will there be any future availability for the pink, size 6 or 7 hip huggers? I'm really liking your product! And I can't wait to try out the bra when it arrives.

San Francisco

How are you?
I wanted to let you know that I received my order today.
It was very carefully & thoughtfully packaged.
I can feel your passion for your business in the way you handle your orders.
This is appreciated.

I have worked as a nurse for 33 years and developed a latex sensitivity, and frankly the elastic bands on underwear cause pretty bad itching.

Do you have any other products or just bras and undies?

I have been looking for PJ's (bottoms) that are latex free.

Well, I do appreciate your product.

Sending you peace, love, & joy and Gratitude

Yeah, breaking out in welts from Victoria's Secret bras isn't fun either......they never heal.

I will try a bra next.

Bravo for you!

My Dear Barbara of Boobies -
I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD that you think I am an alien.
It's impossible to order anything from anywhere without someone asking if The Aliens are real or if I am one.

I assure you that I am not. If I were I would most likely not be in this predicament.

Boobie Fairy, I have to ask you one more favor. When you get time I would like you to tell me what you have discovered that you can wear.

I will ponder this for a few more minutes and either start the order or just have a very nice dream of NOT having itchy Boobies.

New Mexico

Thanks Barbara. In addition to the irritation of itchy breasts, I don't need the worry that it could be breast cancer. So I really appreciate there is someone like you to create pure products we can wear up against our skin. I will order the 36C as you suggest.


Love your undies...what a blessing!

Ordering more since the first few sets were awesome!


Re the Bra, Barb--not to worry! I know it is well worth the wait! Production problems do crop up and I'm sorry you are experiencing that with your business. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all will be resolved to your complete satisfaction. All your happy clientele want very much for you to continue with your wonderful product!

Ontario, Canada

Dear Barbara -

YEAH!! I love my panties!! They are almost like being naked!!!

I thank you for all your suggestions. I will investigate Chlorine Filtration systems.

We live in a very rural area; about 200 miles away from any large city. One tiny Health food store. I will look into the Wheatgrass and other suggestions.

I am going to wash them in Distilled water unless you tell me otherwise. As far as not washing the bras, I understand what you are telling me. However, my staph/MRSA was under my breastbone and if that were to happen again, bras would HAVE to be washed.

We live in an extremely dry arid climate and have already had 82 degree heat. How do I keep them from getting .........????

I have referred two people to you.


HAVE A GREAT DAY - you deserve it!!!

New Mexico

It is such a pure and great product. Your price is also very reasonable. Not too much; but not too little--as many people think if it's too cheap, it can't be genuine. But also if it's too expensive, it's a rip off.


Thank you. I have been meaning to send a message to say "thank you" for the other bra. It is wonderful. A little big, but feels so nice. I still have to do a little shrinking. I had been caught up with .  .  .  .  But I did not have to worry about itchy mams!!!

Thank you,

Thank you so very much.
I love my new Undies.
They wash up so very nice.
They are worth every penny.
Have a nice Holiday.


Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much! The new bra arrived minutes ago and fits perfectly! And is gorgeous to boot. Absolutely love the beautiful silk fabric.

Thank you,
British Columbia

I have purchased both underwear and bras from you and love them both. I would like to suggest a very lightweight bra made out of the same material as the underwear for women with small busts. The non latex "elastic" waist band you use, could also work for the bottom part of the bra. . . .

It sounded like a great idea! Before I bought my current bra from you. That would have been perfect. No bra at all, was preferable to anything else I could find. . . but you changed that.


Oh Barbara -- Bless you for figuring out panties from Peru! That surely must be a feat. My sweet panties DO NOT ITCH ME and this is the first time in a great long time - being comfortable in undies.

Thank you so much.

PS I did as you suggested and put a pair on immediately.
Will soon be ordering more.

Kansas City

Barbara... just wanted to let you know I received the underwear and I just love it. I wanted to try them before I ordered more than one pair. I have psoriasis and am just about allergic to everything. Just found out I'm allergic to latex, hence my order with you. I would love to order a few more pair. Do they come in other colors?

Also, the bra has already arrived as well and that works out well too. Thanks for everything. Let me know on the underwear, OK?

Many thanks.
New York

Bra fits perfectly, am very pleased.
A little "pointy" for me (just more than I'm used to), but will not show under most clothes anyway. Will mail ck for other two in Monday's mail.


Hi Barbara
Just wanted to thank you for the undies. They are everything you claimed them to be – no itch whatsoever.

Again, many thanks.
NSW Australia

I must say --my comfort level is elevated by leaps and bounds while wearing your product.
'NO ITCHING' is absolutely true advertizing.

Kansas City

Thank you for offering allergy-free underwear at a reasonable price.

WOW!!! You are ABSOLUTELY right! No more itch!!


It is so wonderful getting real answers from you.

What a great gift you are giving so many of us.
I am going to share your product information with my health Dr. who has tested me concerning the elastic, so that he can help other women with the same situation I am in at this time. For years now we have, or rather Dr. has used the same method you just explained in order to see what is working or causing me itching, allergic reactions etc..

I thank God with gifting you the ability to invent such a great product. Peace and may your product expand and grow.

Wichita, Kansas

Thank you Barbara! I love your underwear.
More than any other I have tried. They are the only ones that completely solved my problems. They are holding up very well. I just wanted to order some extras to have on hand.

Please don't ever stop producing them.
I don't know what I would do.

I did notice you were out of my size 9 in the kiwi otherwise, I would have ordered 4 pair in that color also. When that color becomes available, let me know and I'll place an order. I love that color. I call it my happy pants.

Best, Texas

As always, thanks a million for all you have been for me. IT is so nice not having to carry this problem all by myself, for I truly would never have solved panties, etc. situations. I am so grateful, delighted, and full of hope, because of you. FLAMINGO, is now my favorite color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just me,

Thank you for the time you took to answer my request. Your kind attention to an inquiry, in my experience, is almost non-existent. I will not forget you or your company. Hopefully I will find a solution soon. Thanks again, you wonderful person!

Barbara, I have received my package and as always, I am tickled pink with the undies. Thank you so much for the free gift. I want you to know your product has been a life saver to me and you are always so sweet and personable in your correspondence. I am wishing you and your family all the best for the upcoming holidays.

Much Thanks to you,

Barbara - I am so sorry for not sending this sooner. I want to thank you so much for the freebie pair of panties. Your generosity is very much appreciated. If my hubby gets some work soon, I'd love to place another order with you. In the past I had ordered sizes 10 and 11. This time I ordered 12s and they are awesome. Having it loose around my legs is perfect-- almost like having the boy-style panties. With this new skin-blistering disorder, any clothing that does not rub against my skin is a blessing.

Thank you again. You are such a kind and generous lady.

Houston, Texas

I have been a repeat customer for years. This is the solution if you are sensitive to latex. Quality product & customer service. Thank you Barbara, you have greatly improved my life!

Dear Barbara:

You are a life-saver! No more constant itching for me, because of you.
Please send me the Aqua Delilah bra.
Most respectfully & lovingly,

Hi, Barbara,

Indeed, your bras are wonderful! Comfortable and supportive, just as promised. I’m about to wash one, sorry, I really need to, but I think I’ll use distilled water, seems the best option. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving—I’m grateful this year for at least a couple of bras that aren’t driving me crazy with itching, and I’m on an investigative journey of figuring out what is making me itch.

So, between bites of pork fried rice, see if you may have any 38 D bras left, OK? Thanks so much,


Hi Barbara

Thank you so much for sending the latex free undies. I completely misunderstood the sizing as Australia's sizing is very different.

The undies I received are way too big but they feel wonderful and I can't wait to get a size that fits properly. I was wondering if you could help me out with sizing please.
I will then be putting in an order for many more. I just love the idea of not having to itch anymore.

Many thanks for making our lives more comfortable.


Thank you Barbara,

I now have aphrodite and she most definitely is an itch free beauty.
So nice to now have the option of latex free.
Much appreciated


Hi Barbara,

I haven't had NO problems since I bought my undies from you.
Im 100% pleased with these undies I have.
8's will be too big I' ll have to wait for the 6's. I'll buy 6 Pair from you
I'll check in February with you.

Have a nice Holiday.


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